Resources for GoAnimate
A wiki page that is set up like taking a course on GoAnimate. By the end of reading this you will have ideas of how to implement Go Animate in the classroom.
Interview with founder, Alvin Hung. He discusses why he created the site and its primary purpose.
Video tutorials explaining how different things work on GoAnimate. Includes how to create characters, use voices, and much more.
A rubric to use when having students use GoAnimate in the classroom. It includes originality, creativeness, content, and mechanics.
School Library Journal discusses how GoAnimate is much more appealing to students than the same old powerpoint.
Walks you through signing up on GoAnimate and creating your first animation. Very detailed and well explained.
A slide show on how to use GoAnimate. Very simple and to the point.
A presentation to use with students to introduce how to use GoAnimate.