Technical Requirements

Problem for Elementary Teachers:
You have to have a email to create and store your animations. One way around this is to have a universal email and password. This is how one elementary teacher in our group uses voki. She signs up for a free email account at google and allows students to sign in this way. One bonus to this is that she can log in and see everyones work and make sure everything is appropriate.

- No limit on how many videos one can produce.
- There is an educational value to this software if used correctly.
- Requires basic computer knowledge to create animations
- Students can rate and give feedback on videos.
- Users can create their own characters with GoAnimate (only some of it is free)
- Spanish version available
- Go Animate will not publish animations with "inappropriate" content like pornography, illegal drug use, intense violence, and profanity

- Students can make and upload inappropriate videos
- Encourages students to buy points so they can use other features.
- Seems a little inappropriate (content, advertising, etc.) for younger students.
- Characters can fight, kiss, and drink alchoholic beverages
- Profanity is not allowed but one can get away with it by using symbols for letters (i.e., @ss)
- Promotes consumerism by using well-known characters
- You can't dowload GoAnimate animations to a desktop or file
- When you embed it to a wiki page it automatically fills in some advertisements and you have no control over this.

Problems for High School Teachers:
The medium does have a significant learning curve. Students would need to have some formal instruction on slide creation, saving, and account access. Sepcific subject teachers may find the medium (comic animations) to be too metaphoric for their disciplines (math, science etc.). This can be addressed using some of goanimate's simple slide features. A model cell could actually be drawn in another program (paint), imported, and animated with shapes, voice over, and text. Students could re-create some of the very interactive demos their teachers get from text book publishers.

Another Option:
You can check the Domo Animate platform at
// for a version of the site that does not contain inappropriate content. There, all animations are reviewed and users cannot upload their own assets, thus ensuring a well controlled environment.